Looking up astrology stuff is one of those weirdly affirming yet unnerving past time activities that I sometimes get up to at 10 pm on a Sunday night




"Show your playful side once in a while".

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cigarette smoke, gun oil, organized crime and women loving women.


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 I’ll tell you:

The first character I first fell in love with: 
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: 
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: 
The character I love that everyone else hates: 
The character I used to love but don’t any longer:
The character I would totally smooch: 
The character I’d want to be like: 
The character I’d slap: 
A pairing that I love:
A pairing that I despise: 

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Jfc I have the worst hankering to buy something cute and flighty and frivolous. This is what happens when I’m supa serious for long periods of time >_>



An “egalitarian” is someone who, realizing that a scale is imbalanced because there are six pounds on one side and twelve on the other, seeks to correct the imbalance by adding six pounds to both sides.

well that was the best damn explanation I’ve seen. 

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everyone needs to watch this video before they log off tonight

well, now I know what I’m doing every time a car alarm goes off

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Comptine D'un Autre Ete
Yann Tiersen - Amelie

2014 - A Song A Day ~ Comptine D’un Autre Ete - Yann Tiersen

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Mug Brownie

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Our food and agricultural system has a problem.

Those doing the back breaking work to sustain our communities are being exploited for their labor. Wage theft, verbal and physical abuse, serious breach of employee rights, and retaliatory tactics by employers are commonplace; even in the face of workers striving towards a more just food economy by organizing and demanding improvements in their living and working conditions.

One such group of farm workers, Familias Unidas por la Justicia (Families United for Justice) is making great leaps in this struggle for justice and dignity. As a coalition of over 460 farm workers, they went on strike over a year ago protesting the racist and degrading treatment they had been enduring for years at Sakuma Brother’s Berry Farms. This has been a long journey with many barriers: the lack of consumer knowledge/the farm workers invisibility to the public, the H2A Guestworker program that threatened to displace hundreds of families, retaliation from the farm by firing workers who expressed discontent, as well as legal battles in court. The list is exhaustive.

Familias Unidas por la Justicia needs our support during these trying times for this battle to continue. They have invested their livelihoods in this fight to better the conditions for themselves and hundreds of others doing this necessary work. Now it is our turn to act in solidarity with the families who provide us with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and the vast array of other produce we are privileged to enjoy. Community involvement and a student movement in solidarity with the farm workers (WWU Students for Farm Worker Justice) is testament to the growing strength and scope of the Familias Unidas leadership, as is the union’s constantly increasing membership.

Please support Familias Unidas por la Justicia in any way that is possible for you:

      - Spreading the word by sharing the GOFUNDME campaign on other social media venues

      - By donating (every dollar is a gift) 

      - By contacting Sakuma Brothers Berry Farm and letting them know that you do not approve of their abusive and illegal labor practices: 
        Send a letter: 17790 Cook Rd, Burlington, WA 98233
        Call in: (360) 757-8004

Get connected to the movement:

Familias Unidas por la Justicia
Twitter: @boycottsakuma
Tumblr: WWU Students for Farm Worker Justice

Hello everyone, we recently discovered that the Pro-Sakuma group has also recently begun their own funding campaign to counteract Familias Unidas por la Justicia and their efforts to gain a fair and legally binding contract. They are essentially asserting that migrant farm workers are not deserving of fair wages, healthy living conditions, and the ability to work without being subjected to racist abuse. 

Please please please share this campaign so that FUJ can continue fighting not only for their own local rights, but play a huge part in changing how the agricultural industrial complex treats workers, especially migrant farm workers!

You can donate here

We know that if a potato salad campaign can get $43,000+ dollars in under 20 days, farm workers fighting for their livelihood can raise $5000 for necessary expenses!

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